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In 1995, the beauty, complexity, and creativity of B-boying, Popping, and Locking put me under its spell! Even now, my fascination with this art continues. In the beginning I only knew a handful of basics such as the Six-step and the Kick-outs. The names of the powermoves were better known and easier to get to know, like the Windmill, Headspin, Flares and Turtle. Footworks, Popping and Locking were simply more complex moves and not so easy for us to understand at the time. Over the years I learned more and more basics both from experienced dancers who I met at jams, battles, and other events, or from videos which had been copied about 50 times before we got a hold of them. Still a lot of knowledge and moves remained out of our reach!

In the early 2000’s I had the chance to take workshops from the pioneers of this culture and remarkable humans like Skeeter Rabbit – Suga Pop – Mr. Wiggles – Storm – Poe One -Ejoe Wilson –  etc. the list goes on.  I really love this Hip Hop culture, it gave me so much freedom and joy and it definitely enriched my life!

But in my experience, a lot of times, this culture didnt´t get the appreciation that it deserved! Yes, may people believe its an artform from the street – but No! First of all its an artform from the urban communities! ! So I always had the feeling that this great culture was undervalued; and I was looking to find a way to give it a greater degree of acceptance and tolerance. While recording for the documentary „The Rising Sun“ (2007-2009), I had the opportunity to travel countries like Japan and USA again, where I also further learned about the culture and participated in more workshops.

It was during this time that I decided to combine all my collected knowledge  – and so the idea for „Knowledge – The Urban Skillz Dictionary“ was born!

Part of me was at first slightly hesitant to share this knowledge… but all of my experiences to date – including those above – made it clear that sharing is the best way to spread this knowledge which I have gathered and to give this culture the proper transparency and respect that it deserves! It took me 5 years to put everything together – to learn how to write and design – to gather the right team together – and to research the market opportunity!

I had a lot of doubts bringing it out at first partially because of the large discrepancy between the knowledge I had learned to date and the information being shared by some of the pioneers of this culture.

This one sentence from the great philosopher and author Jiddu Krishnamurti made me lose all my fears and doubts on putting out this knowledge to the world „…There is no complete knowledge about anything – knowledge always remains incomplete!“


This book is capable of development and is adaptable – that’s why I made it digital! It is intended for everyone who learns something about this culture or brings out new knowledge to exchange it here on this platform!

This knowledge is neither mine nor yours – it is OUR knowledge!

This opportunity also provided a further possibility of connecting within this great culture – thus providing a good foundation that the generations to follow may build upon!

Sharing of this knowledge today is easier, and most of this can be gained from the internet. Yet the basics/foundations are not only a collection of movements, but also the means for passing on an entire culture!
For me Hip Hop is the culture phenomenon of this millenium! It has the ability to bring people together and connect artists from all over the world! Its independent of things like origin, education, culture, social class, or ethnicity.  In short, like the once remarkable Steffan Clemente (aka Mr. Wiggles) said: „Hip Hop united all races!”

In recent years, many things have changed and have been achieved in the Hip Hop culture! The scene has developed enormously! It has grown faster than anyone could have predicted and this has brought with it many new opportunities. Dancers have succeeded in not only getting away from their practice rooms, but being able to make a job out of their hobby and to earn a decent living from it… the times have certainly changed!

Still, most people live in a world of artificially defined limits and separation; I saw some of these limits first-hand, but also simultaneously saw in them an opportunity to break through and explore something new while learning the most valuable lesson of Hip Hop:

„Together we rise – divided we fall!“

The „Knowledge – The Urban Skillz Dictionary“ is about connection and growth – rather than what and who is right, or wrong!

Its possible to share and talk on the same level with likeminded artists – Please feel invited to comment and share your experiences with this book here in this Blog! Have something to say? Want to give and/or know something ? Want to help this culture to grow!? … Than feel free to share it here! I appreciate the time you took to read this Blog and your intention to grow and connect together!

Ebook: Knowledge – The Urban Skillz Dictionary
Trailer: „Knowledge – The Urban Skillz Dictionary“
„Knowledge – The Urban Skills Dictionary“ EXTENDED INTERVIEWS
URBAN ART  – Streetwear
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all pioniers of this Culture and all those people and likeminded who helped an supported me brining this book out to the world – Formost:
Fabian Kimoto from Roc Kidz Crew – Thank you for teaching me the first steps in InDesign!
Mark Robitzky aka Speedy from Battlesquad and Zky-Design– Thank you for the great Bboy Illustration on the Cover!
Niels Robitzky aka Storm  – Without him this dance culture wouldnt be there where it is today! Thank you for all your energy and knowledge!
Stefan Clemente aka Mr. Wiggles – thank you for all those years of enriching us with your knowledge and style!
Gianni Esposito aka Popping G from Rocking Till Death – Thanks for the supply of content!
Hassa Akkouch – Thank you for your interviews and great point of view!
Flying Steps – Thank you Amigo and Benny Kimoto for the interviews!
Mike Saretzki from FRK-Dancescholl from Austria – Thanks for the supply of content!
B-Town All Stars & Flying Steps  – Thank you Navid Mengiz and Uwe Donaubauer for the interviews!
Tanzer Caylak – Thank you for the „Knowledge“ lettering on the cover!
Thomas Wiesen – Thank you for the brilliant design and artwork – love it! 
And all others who helped out!
Be healthy be blessed
Sezai Coban

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  1. Faraja Batumike F'bat

    I’m FARAJA BATUMIKE F-bat Dancer from Goma/DRCongo,
    I would like to thank my brother SEZAI COBAN for writing this book THE URBAN SKILLS DICTIONARY, Last year he give it to me as a gift, and the book helped me so much, I learned a lot of things inside and got more knowlege, Now i know everythings about the hip-hop culture and i’m able to teach and share that experience to others people here in my community because more people do the Hip’Hop without knowing the history and more dancers don(t know the basics. But now i can teach and share the true history and background of hip’hop to others dancers because of you SEZAI, Be blessed

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